about claire:

Claire Houston, photographer

I left New York  in the fall of 2008 and moved to Maine. I packed up my Volvo station wagon and headed up Rte. 95 for a brutally long trip. It was the beginning of the Labor Day weekend, and the sedation drugs I had gotten for my cat weren’t really working. The drive sucked.

For a long time, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  I loved Brooklyn, and though it seemed that the city had everything you could want,  you always ended up wanting more and more, and somehow it was never enough.

I originally came to Portland to attend The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies (which is now a part of Maine College of Art – meca.edu) for four months and take a break from the chaos of the city. After a month in Portland, I made the decision to move up permanently and leave the city. When people ask me why I moved to Maine (from the center of the universe), I tell them it’s because I fell in love with the light. It’s true. The light is really beautiful at this higher latitude and the colors at sunset are stunning. The real reason I moved to Maine was to carve out a more authentic life than the one I had been living in New York, and to get back to my New England roots. It worked.

I’ve photographed weddings, parties, ceremonies, celebrities, portraits and fine art. For now, my focus is landscapes, salty fisherman, and documentary stories. Be in touch: claire.j.houston {at} gmail {dot} com.

Let’s be friends: https://www.facebook.com/claire.houston

On Twitter: @clairejhouston

Skype: brooklynclaire

Photo taken by the ever handsome and talented Eric Hoffsten, the love of my life, in August 2011 on Matinicus Island, Maine

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